SharePoint 2013 Site Owner, Part 2 of 2: Managing Sites

with Philip Wheat

This course will help you understand what being a SharePoint Site Owner is all about and what tasks and capabilities you’ll need to master to make your corner of SharePoint a success. We’ll go through the basic tasks and functionality of managing your SharePoint site and site collection. We’ll cover the various tasks and items you’ll want to be familiar with to operate your site on a day to day basses and insure the best adoption of your site by your users. We are going to take a look at additional features that can really make your SharePoint site shine. We’ll cover the Office integration aspects and how you can use workflows to make your SharePoint site operate as an application platform without a complex development effort. We’ll review the items you’ll need to operate your site, take a look at the important takeaways you’ll want to remember when setting up your site, and give you some final perspective on approaching how you gain adoption and use of your site by your users.

Course Outline