SharePoint 2013 Site Owner, Part 1 of 2: Templates

with Philip Wheat

SharePoint has been installed in a huge number of organizations and for an amazing number of tasks. A SharePoint implementation is a well-planned, deeply organized, and carefully orchestrated effort in most companies. But too often this effort happens inside the team destined to operate the infrastructure and many times the individuals who actually own the SharePoint Sites and Site Collections end up having to pick up how to do their respective roles as they go along. This course will help you understand what being a SharePoint Site Owner is all about and what tasks and capabilities you’ll need to master to make your corner of SharePoint a success. We’ll help set a baseline for SharePoint capabilities in which you are likely to be concerned about as you take on the task of being a site owner. We’ll cover the base capabilities of templates that you’ll find in SharePoint right out the box. Give a little bit of background on where and when each can be useful for you.

Course Outline