SharePoint 2013 App Model, Part 2 of 2: Development and Deploy

with Philip Wheat

In this course we are going to dive into SharePoint development. We’ll take an in depth look at Napa, why to use and how to set it up. Then we’ll design and develop your first applications using Napa. Next we’ll look at SharePoint designer for developing a workflow, why use SharePoint designer and setting up the environment. We’ll then develop a workflow using SharePoint Designer. Visual Studio has grown to be a very useful tool for SharePoint application development. We’ll look at developing extensions, the development environment and the SharePoint solutions. Then we’ll install the necessary components to for a SharePoint development environment. Next we’ll get into a project demo. We’ll create a new web part and look at debugging. We’ll look at deploying your application to Office 365 or to your on site SharePoint server. Finally we’ll look at development consideration for different models for different uses.

Course Outline