SharePoint 2013 Developer, Part 03 of 15: Solutions with VS 2012

with expert Tim McCarthy

Early versions of SharePoint were not very popular with .NET developers because the tooling was either not available at all or was very limited. The home of .NET developers, Visual Studio, was not equipped to make working with the early versions of SharePoint very easy. Now the tooling is light years ahead and working with SharePoint in Visual Studio 2012 is extremely integrated and productive experience. We will look at the tools available in Visual Studio and how to use them to maximize SharePoint development productivity. After this course, you will be armed with the knowledge to know how to use the various project and item templates in Visual Studio 2012 that make SharePoint development a great experience.

Intermediate | 1h 15m | October 07, 2013

SharePoint DevelopmentSharePoint

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Tim McCarthy

Tim McCarthy is a senior solutions architect with Perficient who designs and builds highly scalable, layered web, desktop, and mobile applications utilizing the latest Microsoft platforms and technologies.

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