SharePoint 2013 User, Part 1 of 2: Navigation and Communications

with Adam Levithan

With the introduction of SharePoint 2013, not only has the look and feel been upgraded but a whole new set of features have been added. Here we will take a practical approach to SharePoint and review the key elements that are found in every implementation, how to navigate through your site, the contextual ribbon that allows SharePoint to look and feel like its Microsoft Office cousins. You'll learn how the SharePoint 2013 Search experience has been improved to search not only through standard content but throughout unstructured social content. We'll cover the two major groups of standard lists, communications and activity tracking, demonstrating common functionality and highlighting any key differences. Utilizing these lists can transform daily information sharing into long-term reporting, without the addition of extra effort. The next time you start to type an e-mail, or build a spreadsheet to be passed around the office, you will take a second look to see if a list within SharePoint may serve your needs better.

Course Outline