Introduction to R, Part 1 of 3: Workspaces and Types

with Kevin McCarty

R is considered the preeminent language for data science and statistics and has come into its own with the rise of big data. Explore the origins of R and learn how to use R for your own data science projects. One of the best places to start learning a language is in working with its basic types. As you start learning how to apply the R language, build a solid foundation using these types to become familiar with R’s structure, syntax and, hopefully, best practices. Begin your journey into R with baby steps—before writing any code, take a look at coding conventions, data categories, and R’s selection of basic data types. Explore how some basic types are used, assigned to variables, and cast from one type to another. Discover why R is such an important language today, and be able to write your own R scripts using your own local R environment.

Course Outline