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Kevin McCarty

Kevin McCarty is a computer professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry as a programmer, project manager, database administrator, architect, and data scientist. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with over 25 individual certifications in programming and database technologies and serves as the chapter leader of the Boise SQL Server Users Group. A former Army officer and Eagle Scout, he holds a doctorate in Computer Science and a lifelong love of learning.


Rule Over Your Data with R

Data Science is one of the hottest topics in the IT industry. The R language has gone from being relatively obscure to being the number one language for data science. R is widely used because of its ability to quickly and easily manage data and tap i...

A Big Scoop of Hadoop

The world of Big Data has arrived, and with it, new challenges for data analysts and administrators alike. This presentation will introduce you to the world of Hadoop, from its massively parallel architecture to its extensive ecosystem. Along the way...



Introduction to R, Part 3 of 3: Working with Data

Programmers, data analysts, data scientists, and anyone who works with data has probably spent many hours staring at data organized into rows and columns. Those data structures are referred to as spreadsheets or tables and they form the basis for muc...


Introduction to R, Part 2 of 3: Advanced Types and Operators

Complex tasks require more complex variables—variables that contain multiple values, often of different types and ways to interact with these variables beyond simple assignments and value reads. R provides many more advanced types to handle these sor...


Introduction to R, Part 1 of 3: Workspaces and Types

R is considered the preeminent language for data science and statistics and has come into its own with the rise of big data. Explore the origins of R and learn how to use R for your own data science projects. One of the best places to start learning ...


Hadoop, Part 4 of 4: HBase and MapReduce

Big Data development is a growing field and understanding how technologies such as the MapReduce Combiner and HBase can make data analysis easier is important. Learn how to use the Combiner, look deeply at HBase, a NoSQL tool for managing the storage...


Hadoop, Part 3 of 4: YARN and NiFi

Tackle Hadoop tools and services like NiFi, YARN, and Flume as well as the Spark shell, an alternative to MapReduce. Discover why Hadoop has such a large and growing following among sys admins and data scientists. Learning how Hadoop has something fo...


Hadoop, Part 2 of 4: ETL and MapReduce

In this course, Hadoop expert Kevin McCarty takes a closer look at some of the major components underpinning Hadoop – services such as Mahout, Oozie, and ZooKeeper, and languages such as Pig and Hive. He will examine the Hadoop architecture and look ...


Hadoop, Part 1 of 4: Introduction and HDFS

Join Hadoop expert Kevin McCarty as he takes a high level look at Hadoop beginning with its history. Next, McCarty examines a number of key components in the Hadoop ecosystem used for storage, processing, data ingest, and transformation. He will show...


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