PowerShell 3.0, Part 1 of 4: Introduction and Scripting

with Doug Ware

In this course you will learn what PowerShell 3.0 is all about, in a way that will help you get up and started easily and painlessly. You’ll start out by learning what the pieces are of PowerShell 3.0 and how to use the interactive scripting editor. Then you’ll learn about commandlets which are the heart of PowerShell before moving on to understanding execution policies and paths, two things that often trip up new PowerShell users. Once you are acclimated you learn about Monad, the original vision for PowerShell. So how you can understand how the PowerShell of today represents a vision from ten years ago. Then finally you’ll use that knowledge to understand the object pipeline so that you can start writing scripts that work well with PowerShell instead of coding as if you are writing C# or VB .Net code.

Course Outline