Power Pivot, Part 3 of 5: Dashboards and Power View

with Doug Ortiz

In this course we will look at Dashboarding concepts such as: What is a dashboard, creation guidelines, what a dashboard is not. We will look at what is a Pivot Chart and how it differentiates from "Pivot Chart and Pivot Table". Afterwards, we will finish by understanding KPIs and how to incorporate them into our PivotTable. Then we will review another Add-In named Power View, creating reports, navigating a Power View Report, filtering, grouping. Culminating with Charting and Mapping inside of Power View. Then we will discuss the considerations that should be looked upon when securing and sharing a Power Pivot Workbook. The options we have available for securing within Excel 2013 and sharing the Power Pivot Workbook within SharePoint 2013 and OneDrive.

Course Outline