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Doug Ortiz

Doug Ortiz is an independent consultant whose skillset encompasses multiple platforms including .NET, SharePoint, Office, SQL Server, and Business Intelligence. Doug has a master’s degree in relational databases and over 20 years of experience in IT, over half of which have been within .NET and SharePoint. His roles both in and outside of SharePoint have ranged from architecture, implementation, administration, disaster recovery, migrations, development, and automation of information systems.


Power Pivot Dashboards

In this session we'll cover adding graphics to your data with Power Pivot. You'll see how to create dashboards, pivot charts, pivot tables and power views so your audience can see what all that data means

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Power Pivot, Part 5 of 5: Intelligence and Optimizing

In this course we’ll cover using Time Intelligence with Power Pivot. Then we’ll show you how to upgrade from Power Pivot 2010 to Power Pivot 2013. Then we’ll optimizations you can apply to workbooks and formulas. Next we’ll cover Cube Functions, whil...

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Power Pivot, Part 4 of 5: DAX, Formulas, and Functions

In this course we’ll start by covering what is DAX, why DAX is so important and how it integrates with Power Pivot 2013. Why use DAX, there is a reason why it has been mentioned over and over for quite some time with Power Pivot and SQL. We’ll discus...

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Power Pivot, Part 3 of 5: Dashboards and Power View

In this course we will look at Dashboarding concepts such as: What is a dashboard, creation guidelines, what a dashboard is not. We will look at what is a Pivot Chart and how it differentiates from "Pivot Chart and Pivot Table". Afterwards, we will f...

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Power Pivot, Part 2 of 5: Basic Concepts

In this course we'll start looking at the visual differences between Power Pivot 2010 and 2013.Then move into creating our first Power Pivot Workbook and Pivot Table. Next we will look at how to format Pivot Tables, explain the differences between Ca...

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Power Pivot, Part 1 of 5: Data Models

In the course will be introduced to Power Pivot 2013, what it is, what is new to Power Pivot 2013 and its place in Business Intelligence arena. Leading us into what is a Pivot Table, configuring and enabling Power Pivot 2013 and finalizing with platf...

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Power Pivot Dashboards

It was a sunny day last Wednesday, but our instructor Doug Ortiz spent it indoors giving a great presentation on Power Pivot Dashboards.

Power Pivot

Hadoop and Power Pivot courses in the works

We here in the LearnNowOnline production department have been busy with back-to-back shoots for two popular technologies that help you manage and analyze your data.

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