MVC 4.0, Part 11 of 11: UI Design and Mobile Development

with expert James Curtis

The MVC 4 framework has a lot of tools that makes web development powerful. In this course you will learn how to use JavaScript, jQuery UI and Partial Views to enhance MVC 4 Web Applications. Then you will continue use JavaScript with jQuery Mobile to detect mobile browsers in a MVC 4 web application.

Intermediate | 2h 3m | August 06, 2013

MVCVisual StudioWeb Development.NETC#ASP.NET

Course Outline

James Curtis

James Curtis is a .NET Developer that primarily works in the UX space. He has worked on and for several large projects alongside Microsoft Consulting. James has spoken at several code camps about UX development for ASP.NET and SharePoint. He is an active participant in the development community tweeting and blogging about several topics in the UX area. James is an active consultant and is also assisting in several Start-ups contributing his UX experience.

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