jQuery, Part 6 of 6: Data and Interactions

with expert Dustin Tauer

jQuery is a great for information exchange. This course “jQuery: Data and Interactions”, will start off with Ajax fundamentals, then move to submitting data with GET and POST. Next you will see how to work with JSON and paginating with Ajax data. Then the course will move on to advanced interactions with form validation, creating menus, drag and drop and finish up with creating custom jQuery plug-ins.

Intermediate | 1h 56m | October 29, 2012

Web DevelopmentDatabasejQueryASP.NET

Course Outline

Dustin Tauer

Dustin Tauer is an Adobe Certified Master Instructor and has a degree in Informational Systems and Technology. He currently teaches development classes focusing on technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and Flex. When he’s not training, he’s working on development projects ranging from mobile applications to rich internet applications to instructor-led curriculum.

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