Certified Ethical Hacker, Part 7 of 8: Wireless Networks and Firewalls

with expert Rafiq Wayani

Much as mobile platforms have changed society as a whole, they have also radically altered the battlespace between hackers and the security professionals dedicated to stopping them. In this session, Rafiq Wayani will discuss how hackers are using wireless networks to attack and evade traditional security tools, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and honeypots. This course is part of a series covering EC-Council's Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

Intermediate | 1h 44m | March 23, 2016

Ethical HackingSecurity

Course Outline

Rafiq Wayani

Rafiq Wayani has extensive experience including more than 20 years in IT as Systems Architect, Software Engineer, DBA, and Project Manager. Wayani has instructed in a variety of technical areas, has designed and implemented network and information systems, and is certified across a wide range of platforms and systems including Microsoft Solutions Developer, Systems Engineer, Application Developer, Database Administrator, Trainer; Novell Netware Administrator and Engineer; Master Certified Netware Engineer; and A Certified.

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