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Rafiq Wayani

Rafiq Wayani has extensive experience including more than 20 years in IT as Systems Architect, Software Engineer, DBA, and Project Manager. Wayani has instructed in a variety of technical areas, has designed and implemented network and information systems, and is certified across a wide range of platforms and systems including Microsoft Solutions Developer, Systems Engineer, Application Developer, Database Administrator, Trainer; Novell Netware Administrator and Engineer; Master Certified Netware Engineer; and A Certified.


Kali Linux: The Weapon of Security Professionals

Kali Linux is the premier operating system with all of the Ethical Hacking tools included as part of the distribution. During this webinar, you will see some of the tools that are provided within Kali Linux to assist security professionals with Digit...

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Ethical Hacking: Creating a Shadow

As an ethical hacker, perhaps the most effective way to learn about someone's unusual behavior is to record everything they are doing on their computer without being detected. Fortunately for you, recording what someone is doing on their computer is ...

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking 101

In this webinar, you will be introduced to the world of hacking and what it means to be a hacker. Many of the myths about the term “hacker” will be addressed. For example, do you know level of computer skills it takes in order to be a professional ha...

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Certified Ethical Hacker, Part 8 of 8: Cloud and Cryptography

Enterprises have increasingly become enamored with the ease of use and scalability afforded by cloud computing. Unfortunately, external and internal clouds now represent the ultimate prize for hackers. Rafiq Wayani will address the unique challenges ...

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Certified Ethical Hacker, Part 7 of 8: Wireless Networks and Firewalls

Much as mobile platforms have changed society as a whole, they have also radically altered the battlespace between hackers and the security professionals dedicated to stopping them. In this session, Rafiq Wayani will discuss how hackers are using wir...

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Certified Ethical Hacker, Part 6 of 8: Web Apps and SQL Injection

In the ongoing war between white hat and black hat hackers, web applications are a longstanding yet continually evolving battleground. Rafiq Wayani examines the new weaponry both sides are bringing to the fight and takes a thorough look at one of the...

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Certified Ethical Hacker, Part 5 of 8: Sessions and Web Servers

Given their centrality in operations of most businesses, Websites represent tempting and low-hanging fruit for hackers. Experienced systems architect, software engineer and cybersecurity expert Rafiq Wayani reveals how both session hacking and the ha...

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Certified Ethical Hacker, Part 4 of 8: Malware and Social Engineering

There are many different types of Malware from trojans and worms to viruses and backdoors. Learning about how each threat is different is key and about how to mitigate it. Examples will be shown with Wireshark and how to interact with Packets. Also ...

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Certified Ethical Hacker, Part 3 of 8: Threats and System Hacking

This course narrows in on how to identify threats both external and internal. Perhaps one of the employees of the business uses a very weak password and this is a security threat that a dictionary attack tool can rapidly find. It then covers h...

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Certified Ethical Hacker, Part 2 of 8: Operating Systems and Hacking

In this course Rafiq will dig deeper into the primary operating systems used for hacking: linux and windows. Automating tasks is critical to your job as a hacker and knowledge of shell scripts is key. Some of these examples will be shown as well...

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Certified Ethical Hacker, Part 1 of 8: Intro to Ethical Hacking

Hacking has gone from an obscure term to something that appears in the daily news. In this course we'll get started with what is hacking and understand some of the differences between "white hat" hackers and "black" or "grey" hat hackers. It will c...

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The Good, the Bad, and the Hacked

Queue the sunset, the cheesy music, and the... laptop?

Ethical Hacking

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