1001-02: CompTIA A+ Certification, Part 7 of 13: Networking Technologies

with experts Chuck Nailen, Brian Ferrill

In this course for the CompTIA A+ 1001-1002 exam you will learn about various types of Network Media, Network Cables, and Network Connectors. In addition, you will learn about Wireless Networks and what is used to connect them. After learning about types of Networks, you will be introduced to how machines communicate with each other using TCP/IP, which is the standard communication protocol suite used today. Then you will learn about different types of Networks: Workgroup, HomeGroup, and Domains. For domains we will cover how to add a user to the domain, as well as pre-staging a computer that is going to be added to the domain. Finally, you will learn about different tools that will be needed for helping with Networks during their career as an A+ technician.

Intermediate | 1h 28m | February 28, 2021

HardwareCompTIAWindows 2012A+

Course Outline

Chuck Nailen

Chuck Nailen has been providing classroom training for more than 16 years. He does training for in department-supported CompTIA curriculums, Microsoft curriculums, and Department of State (DoS) proprietary platforms in support of SAIT and DoS programs. He holds many certifications including National Career Readiness Certificate-Gold Level, MCSA, MCT, MCITP, MCTS, and others.

Brian Ferrill

A lifelong fascination with technology led a varied career in technology. I have over 20 years of experience supporting end users, and small businesses. On top of that, I have been an Information Technology instructor for Edmonds Community College, where I instructed on CompTIA’s A+, and Network+ material. During that time I created curriculum for not only those courses, but also for CompTIA’s Security+ certification. I currently hold the following certifications: A+, Network+, Server+, Cloud+, and Project+.

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