1001-02: CompTIA A+ Certification, Part 3 of 13: PC Components

with expert Chuck Nailen

In this course for the CompTIA A+ 1001-1002 exam, we will take a look at installing and configuring display devices, as well as how to select a display. Then we will take a look at Standard Device types, along with many different types of devices. Next we will take a look at the different types of expansion cards, and how they are to be configured. Next in this course, we take a look at the different sizes and form factors of motherboards, the expansion slots, RAM slots and the power connections on motherboards. Next we will take a look at the different CPU Sockets, Cache, Operational Characteristics, Selection Factors, Cooling System Types, and Cooling System Selection Factors. We will then take a look at the different Power Supply Specifications, the Power Supply Connections, Power Supply Safety Recommendations, and Selecting the Right Power Supply. Next up we will take a look at the different RAM Modules, RAM Configurations, Types of RAM, Memory Standard Specifications, ECC, Parity, and RAM Characteristics. Then we will take a look at the Capacity of various mediums, RAID Configurations, Internal Storage Device Considerations, and External Storage Device Considerations. Then to close out the course we will look at BIOS Components, Firmware Upgrades, BIOS Configuration Options, BIOS Diagnostics, and BIOS Monitoring Capabilities.

Beginner | 2h 7m | February 28, 2021


Course Outline

Chuck Nailen

Chuck Nailen has been providing classroom training for more than 16 years. He does training for in department-supported CompTIA curriculums, Microsoft curriculums, and Department of State (DoS) proprietary platforms in support of SAIT and DoS programs. He holds many certifications including National Career Readiness Certificate-Gold Level, MCSA, MCT, MCITP, MCTS, and others.

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