CompTIA A+ Cert, Part 04 of 13: Windows and Environments

with Chuck Nailen

In this course, we will take a look at what is Virtualization, Types of Virtualization, and Windows Client Virtualization Solutions. Next we’ll look at the Windows System Requirements, Hardware Compatibility and Boot Methods. Moving on we will look at Workgroups, Homegroups, Domains, Customizing System Options, Creating a Local User Account During Installation, Updates, Service Packs and Patches. Then we’ll cover Virtual Memory, The Virtual Memory Process, Pagefile Optimization, The Windows Boot Process, Windows Startup Settings and the Boot Configuration Data Editor, Data Backup and Restoration, Maintenance Tools. Next you will be introduced to two different kinds of computer clients, the first one being a standard client, and the second being a Custom Client. You will learn about what hardware is needed for each type of client.

Course Outline