CompTIA A+ Cert, Part 02 of 13: Best Practices [Deprecated/Replaced]

with expert Chuck Nailen

In this course, we will be looking at the various hardware and software tools that an A+ technician should be able to use. Then we’ll be looking at Electrical Safety, what are the best practices and tools you should use. Then we’ll cover what you need to do as an A+ technician to control your company’s impact on the environment. Then we’ll cover at issues of professionalism and Communication. As an A+ technician, you will find there will be many times you need to deal with angry customers.

Beginner | 1h 13m | February 15, 2014


Course Outline

Chuck Nailen

Chuck Nailen has been providing classroom training for more than 16 years. He does training for in department-supported CompTIA curriculums, Microsoft curriculums, and Department of State (DoS) proprietary platforms in support of SAIT and DoS programs. He holds many certifications including National Career Readiness Certificate-Gold Level, MCSA, MCT, MCITP, MCTS, and others.

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