CompTIA A+ Cert, Part 07 of 13: Security [Deprecated/Replaced]

with expert Chuck Nailen

In this course we’ll talk about corporate security policies and filing security incident reports. We’ll also cover strong password and other common security policies and how to educate user about them. Also covered are ways to keep workstations secure. Having this information in your arsenal of tools not only will make you a better technician, it can also help with security in your home network.

Beginner | 0h 49m | March 25, 2014


Course Outline

Chuck Nailen

Chuck Nailen has been providing classroom training for more than 16 years. He does training for in department-supported CompTIA curriculums, Microsoft curriculums, and Department of State (DoS) proprietary platforms in support of SAIT and DoS programs. He holds many certifications including National Career Readiness Certificate-Gold Level, MCSA, MCT, MCITP, MCTS, and others.

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