Windows Azure 2012, Part 8 of 8: Apps and Service Bus

with Mike Benkovich

Cloud Computing refers to ways to use virtualization technology to make it possible to provision and deploy applications and systems into public and private data centers around the world. But it doesn't mean that there will never be problems, and in this course is all about how patterns for architecting solutions not only scale but also support our efforts to understand how they run. We will look at how tools we can use to look under the hood and see what is going on and diagnose the servers when there is a problem. Building large scale systems means connecting our applications and services together across boundaries and networks to allow them to communicate and share data to get business done, the challenge of making this work is that while we may own some of the systems we probably don't own them all. So you will be introduced to the concept of the Service Bus, which is a collection of communication services available in Windows Azure. We will take a look what these services are and how they work, and see how we can get started working with the Service Bus.

Course Outline