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Duane Anderson

Duane has been working in the IT industry for over two decades. He has primarily focused on security related matters such as Penetration Testing and Forensics. He has appeared as an expert witness in multiple court hearings on IT related matters. Duane has worked for or with most US and some foreign military branches, U.S government agencies, banking and regulatory industries and Fortune 500 companies. Duane contributed to the coordination and execution of IT counter-hacking & security courses for the US Marine Corps, US Army, US Air Force, U.S. Treasury, Sprint, IBM, Washington Mutual and Service Canada.


Certified Virtualization Security Expert, Part 6 of 6: Hardening and Third Party Tools

This course finishes out the series by taking a look at the differences between ESX and ESXi. It discusses Root privileges, controlled access, and securing SNMP configuration. This course discusses how to audit or disable tech support mode and prov...


Certified Virtualization Security Expert, Part 5 of 6: Hardening the Server

This course is about the hardening techniques of the ESX server. It will cover best practices, isolation, and how templates can be used effectively. It will also cover VM segmentation, limiting data flow, the setinfo hazard, directory services cont...


Certified Virtualization Security Expert, Part 4 of 6: PenTest Tools and DMZ

What are the tools of a penetration test? This course will answer that as well as cover vulnerability assessment, password cracking, how to disable auditing, rootkits and alternate data streams. Then it progress to three configurations of DMZs, ha...


Certified Virtualization Security Expert, Part 3 of 6: Penetration Testing 101

To be secure you have to think like a hacker. This course covers penetration testing, how much hacks cost, evolving threats, information gathering, scanning, enumeration and finishes with tools that hackers and you can utilize to gather information....


Certified Virtualization Security Expert, Part 2 of 6: Routing and Security

This course takes a look at how traffic routs and from the perspective of the hacker and how to manipulate or inspect and change it. It then moves into VM's and ESX hosts on both the same switches or port groups. Then SAN security with both fiber c...


Certified Virtualization Security Expert, Part 1 of 6: Reaffirming Knowledge

This course will start by taking a look at virtual components, ESX networking components, switches, vswitch and physical switch. It will then discuss spanning tree protool, vswitch isolation, virtual ports, vlans, load balancing, failover configurat...


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