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David Fraas

David Fraas is a technology evangelist specializing in cloud cover.His passion has become his expertise in web applications, product marketing and cloud solutions architecture. David is a certified cloud architect and has been providing his digital leadership through consulting and training for over 15 years. His company, Digital6 Technologies architects, builds and manages excellent cloud solutions for data migration, backup and disaster recovery.


Amazon Web Services, Part 8 of 8: Migration

AWS migration services make it easy for your business to migrate your data and virtual machines to the cloud. In this course we review all the migration services. We will start off with reviewing the benefits of the migration hub - a place to track t...


Amazon Web Services, Part 7 of 8: Management Tools

AWS provides many services that help IT administrators and developers easily manage and monitor their AWS resources. These fully-managed services, can automatically be provisioned, configured, and manage your AWS resources or even your on-premises r...


Amazon Web Services, Part 6 of 8: Database

AWS offers a wide range of database services to fit your application requirements. These database services are fully managed and can be launched in minutes with just a few clicks. AWS database services include amazon relations database service or RD...


Amazon Web Services, Part 5 of 8: Compute Services

Building to run your business starts with compute whether you are building mobile apps or running massive clusters, AWS is the backbone to Amazon’s cloud services and in this course we will start by looking at auto scaling which helps you maintain a...


Amazon Web Services, Part 4 of 8: Storage and Virtual Machines

The backbone to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is cloud storage, used by millions of companies around the world. Review the various AWS cloud storage offerings to figure out which is best for your business before taking a deep dive into storage options, c...


Amazon Web Services, Part 3 of 8: Virtual Private Cloud

As most of the resources you create in Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be inside your virtual private cloud (VPC), it’s vital that your network is correctly set up from the get-go. If not, your network may become vulnerable to security risks which cou...


Amazon Web Services, Part 2 of 8: Security and Identity

Once you’ve realized that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the right solution for your business, it’s time to securely, and correctly, create and set up your AWS account. Discover the best way to setup your account to avoid potential pitfalls down the ro...


Amazon Web Services, Part 1 of 8: Basics

Explore why more businesses than ever are utilizing cloud services, and why it may be time that your company considers using a cloud service, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), for its business needs. Discover what AWS can offer your business with a ...


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