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JC Mackin

JC Mackin (MCSA, MCSE) is a writer, analyst, and trainer who has specialized in Windows networks since Windows NT 4.0. He has authored or co-authored more than 10 books about Windows administration and certification, including many Microsoft Training Kits and the Exam Ref for Exam 70-417.


Windows Server 2012, Part 6 of 6: Hyper V and Windows Firewall

Hyper V is a hardware virtualization platform built in to Windows Server 2012. Hyper V lets you run multiple operating systems at the same time on one physical computer. Each of these operating systems runs in its own virtual computer called a virtua...

Windows 2012Windows Server

Windows Server 2012, Part 5 of 6: Share Access and Group Policy

Supporting shared folders or printers is in some ways the most basic job of an administrator. That reason people might overlook some of the details that can accompany printer share information not to mention of the details that might appear on the ex...

Windows 2012Windows Server

Windows Server 2012, Part 4 of 6: DHCP and DNS

DHCP is the protocol that automatically assigns IP addresses and other important IP settings to client computers. Although the DHCP server role is a rich feature in Windows Server 2012, this particular exam (Microsoft 70-410) covers DHCP only at a ba...

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Windows Server 2012, Part 3 of 6: AD and IP Addresses

When you start learning about Active Directory, you know you’re really getting into the meat of Windows network administration. In this course we’ll be starting from scratch, defining Active Directory and going on a tour of the graphical user interfa...

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Windows Server 2012, Part 2 of 6: Remote Management and Storage

Today, server administration is often performed remotely, away from the servers you are managing. In this course we’re going to take a look at the two technologies used for remote server management in Windows Server 2012. We’ll cover which type of r...

Windows 2012Windows Server

Windows Server 2012, Part 1 of 6: Installing and Core

In this session we’re first going to introduce you to many of the new features in Windows Server 2012. We’re then going to talk about how to decide whether your current hardware can support this server operating system, and whether you can upgrade in...

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