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SQL 2014 Admin, Part 4 of 5: Server Optimization

with expert Chris Bell

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Release date 5/13/2015
Level Advanced
Runtime 1h 19m
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Course description

In this course you are going to see a few topics covering some basic optimizing and troubleshooting in SQL Server. You will see what Trace flags are and how they are used to alter the behavior of SQL Server. Sometimes this is useful, sometimes it is dangerous and sometimes it is just bizarre what they do. You will see how the use of trace flags to capture deadlock information so you can more efficiently troubleshoot the cause. Then you will see blocks, a common issue in SQL Server and see how to determine which process is blocking others and how to resolve it. Next you will then go through a series of DMVs that are quite useful in optimizing and troubleshooting SQL Server. You‘ll see some DMV based queries used all the time to check indexes fragmentation and usage along with a query to identify the most expensive queries in your database.


This course assumes that students have working experience with SQL Server; basic relational database concepts (e.g., tables, queries, and indexing); general knowledge of XML, Transact-SQL, and a fundamental understanding of networking and security concepts.

Learning Paths

This course will help you prepare for the following certifications and exams:
MCSE: Business Intelligence
MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014
MCSE: Data Platform
70-462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases

This course is part of the following LearnNowOnline SuccessPaths™:
SQL Server Administrator

Meet the expert

Chris Bell, MCITP, is an 18-year SQL Server veteran for both business intelligence and application development providing solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals. He is the founder and CEO of WaterOx Consulting, Inc., a provider of remote SQL Server consulting and services. Chris is also the founder and current President of the Washington DC chapter of PASS and a member of the Board of Directors for CPCUG. Chris also frequently attends and presents at PASS events around the country, sharing his passion for all things SQL Server. In 2012, Chris was one of 5 finalists in the world for Red Gate’s Exceptional DBA Award.

Course outline

Server Optimization

Trace Flags (20:58)
  • Introduction (00:23)
  • Trace Flags (01:35)
  • Trace Flags - Enable/Disable (01:12)
  • Trace Flags - Monitoring (00:40)
  • Trace Flags - Deadlocks (01:17)
  • Trace Flags - Useful (01:28)
  • Trace Flag - Other (01:54)
  • Demo: Trace Flags (06:01)
  • Demo: Deadlocking (03:35)
  • Demo: Log File (02:36)
  • Summary (00:12)
Dynamic Management Views (16:36)
  • Introduction (00:30)
  • Dyanamic Management Views (01:05)
  • DMV - Execution Related (01:21)
  • DMV - Index Related (01:37)
  • DMV - Disk Stats & OS/Hardware (01:37)
  • Demo: DMVs (05:19)
  • Demo: DMV Functions (04:42)
  • Summary (00:22)
Extended Events (13:58)
  • Introduction (00:28)
  • Extended Events (01:34)
  • Demo: Extended Events (07:30)
  • Demo: Sessions (04:02)
  • Summary (00:22)
Blocks and Deadlocks (27:27)
  • Introduction (00:31)
  • Blocking (00:49)
  • Blocking - Detecting (01:39)
  • Blocks - Killing Process (01:45)
  • Deadlocks (02:37)
  • Demo: Identifying Blocking (07:44)
  • Demo: Blocking and DMVs (04:46)
  • Demo: Deadlocks (07:20)
  • Summary (00:12)