We're busy, but there's still time for REST

By Brian Ewoldt | April 07, 2015

Yes, it has been a while since I have graced this site with one of my blogs. And I know you are thinking to yourself...Thank God! But in the words of the great of Russell Casse from the movie Independence Day, "Hello, Boys, I'm BAAAAACK!" Okay, so I'm not flying an airplane into an alien spaceship, but I am writing this blog. Back to the subject at hand.

We here at LearnNowOnline have been very busy as you may have noticed. In the hustle and bustle, we have released two great new courses covering RESTful Services featuring expert Jordan Hudgens. Jordan also presented our Ruby courses, and you can watch for more courses from him in the future. Our new RESTful Services courses pick up where our last series released in September left off. Here's a look at what's covered in these latest courses: RESTful Services: Install, JAX-RS and Jersey

You will get a brief history of RESTful Web Services and how they are integral to modern web applications. You'll see how to setup your computer to begin developing JAX-RS and Jersey applications, specifically by leveraging Maven scaffold applications from the command line. Watch the course trailer to learn more: rsa1-300x217RESTful Services: The Server and Client

You will learn how to build a client server application from scratch using the Eclipse IDE and Apache Tomcat Server. You'll see how you can create resources, how to configure CRUD requests, and how you can access those resources from a client application. Watch the course trailer to learn more: rsa2-300x217 Now that we're all to speed, watch for more courses coming soon including SSAS 2014, SSIS 2014, Swift, and more.

Brian Ewoldt

Brian Ewoldt is the Project Manager for LearnNowOnline. Brian joined the team in 2008 after 13 years of working for the computer gaming industry as a producer/project manager. Brian is responsible for all production of courses published by LearnNowOnline. In his spare time, Brian enjoys being with his family, watching many forms of racing, racing online, and racing Go-Karts.

This blog entry was originally posted April 07, 2015 by Brian Ewoldt