Developing Applications Using Ruby on Rails

By Brian Ewoldt | October 21, 2014


In researching this blog about Ruby on Rails, I began with an internet search for the word "Ruby." I figured I'd get results about the precious ruby gem the ruby is the birth stone for July, or the fact that for thousands of years the ruby gemstone was the most valuable gemstone above the diamond, or how people have been creating synthetic rubies since 1837.

Instead I was pleasantly surprised to see search results for Ruby and Ruby on Rails the top of the list. Clearly "Ruby" the programming language has become more precious to many of us than "ruby" the gemstone. Yes, the Ruby language was named after the gemstone and was released in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Ruby is an open source, object-oriented language with an easy to read and write syntax. Instead of mining the web looking for instruction on how to use this precious programming language, you can find five new courses right here at LearnNowOnline.

Helping you mine your way through building Ruby applications is our new instructor, Jordan Hudgens. Jordan is a Certified Ruby Developer and comes to us from the great state of Texas where he is working toward his doctorate in Computer Science. Jordan will show you how to create your Ruby applications in the cloud. Instead of having to pickaxe your way through the development process, Jordan will show you how to use the gems that make Ruby application development easy. Our new courses include:

  • Ruby on Rails: Intro to Development (Now available) Get an overview of the tools that will be used for the Ruby courses, plus create a quick application.
  • Ruby on Rails: Best Practices (Now available) Learn how to use the Ruby development tools in the best possible way.
  • Ruby on Rails: Data, Design, and Deploy (Coming 10/27/14)
  • Ruby on Rails: Searching and Sorting (Coming 11/3/14)
  • Ruby on Rails: Administration and API (Coming 11/10/14)

Visit LearnNowOnline to learn more about these courses. Also, see Jordan in action as he introduces us to Ruby on Rails in his recent webinar -- check out the replay now. "Rails", "Ruby on Rails", and the Rails logo are registered trademarks of David Heinemeier Hansson. All rights reserved.s of racing, racing online, and racing Go-Karts.  

Brian Ewoldt

Brian Ewoldt is the Project Manager for LearnNowOnline. Brian joined the team in 2008 after 13 years of working for the computer gaming industry as a producer/project manager. Brian is responsible for all production of courses published by LearnNowOnline. In his spare time, Brian enjoys being with his family, watching many forms of racing, racing online, and racing Go-Karts.

This blog entry was originally posted October 21, 2014 by Brian Ewoldt