Training or reference material?

By Craig Jensen


Just like all of us learn in different ways, each of us also has different uses and needs for our technology training resources. When it's time to find a training or reference tool, what is right for you? Do you go for the least expensive and save a few bucks? Do you look for volume and choose the solution with the most hours of training? Do you choose a training tool or a reference tool...or can one solution give you both? In most cases, the cheapest or largest learning solution will not be the answer you need.

For example, if you need to learn a technology from start to finish, a YouTube video isn't going to get the job done. If you need some quick help with a project, taking a week-long class is going to be overkill. I have heard many people say, "I paid for a training solution, but once I started using it, it wasn't able to solve my problem." That's why I think it's always best to look beyond price and volume of training initially, and instead take a few moments to clarify your needs and what issues you are trying to solve. Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • What is your learning style? (see my April 28 and May 15 posts)
  • Are you new to development/programming, or are you experienced?
  • Are you looking to solve problems or learn specific new skills?
  • Do you need to learn a new technology from scratch?

Your answers to these questions are going to point you in the direction of the right learning resource. Ideally the ultimate learning tool has it all. It supports your learning style(s); it's versatile for all skill levels; and it's flexible enough to serve as both an in-depth training resource for new skills and technologies, as well as on-the-spot reference material to help you with your day-to-day questions. There are a lot of training tools out there, but for Developers and IT Pros, I truly think we've got the best.

We have built our learning material to be an excellent resource no matter what your learning style, and have designed our solution so you can learn a topic or technology from intro to advanced, as well as use it as ongoing reference material. And as your needs change (you become more experienced, you have new projects and technologies to tackle, you get a new job), our up-to-date content and versatile delivery will continue to help you get the job done. Give us a try and see what you think. In future blogs I will discuss what makes the best reference material and the best training material. Stay tuned...

Craig Jensen

Craig Jensen is the President and CEO of LearnNowOnline. Craig has led the company’s change from instructor-led classroom training, to self-study CD/DVD training, to the award winning online learning solutions offered today. Craig is passionate about helping individuals and businesses of all sizes solve their problems through practical learning and technology. He is involved in setting direction for the company, including selecting training content for development with resources to support all learning styles. He is also involved in The CEO Roundtable organization in the Twin Cities as well as the Minnesota High Tech organization. In his spare time, Craig loves to travel, golf, and partake in water sports of all kinds.

This blog entry was originally posted June 06, 2014 by Craig Jensen