How Learning HTML5 Can Help You

By Martin Schaeferle

site_title.png.pagespeed.ce.zzya4xgl2w With the quick rise of HTML5 in the development of modern websites and applications, it's now more important than ever to learn the ins and outs of what's becoming the standard markup language of the World Wide Web. With our comprehensive selection of HTML tutorial videos online, it's easy to become an expert in the essential coding language of the modern internet. Here are some more ways in which an HTML5 tutorial can help you:

  1. Become The Most Productive Developer You Can Be - If you're a developer, a big part of your job is staying up-to-date on all the latest trends in technology and design. A comprehensive online video tutorial will help ensure you're at the head of your professional field.
  2. Be Prepared To Meet The Demands Of Your Clients - To always be the most productive professional in your field you need to be able to deliver on all of the varied needs of your clients. Be keeping your skills sharp and up-to-date with video tutorials for C# and HTML5, you'll be best prepared to deliver the highest quality service to your clients.
  3. Be Ahead Of The Curve - HTML5 is becoming the defining language of the modern internet. It's used to build websites for the traditional and modern web, as well as the latest applications. Keeping yourself current on the latest applications of HTML5 will help your professional development.
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Martin Schaeferle

Martin Schaeferle has taught IT professionals nationwide to develop applications using Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, and XML. He has been a featured speaker at Microsoft Tech-Ed and the Microsoft NCD Channel Summit, and he specializes in developing Visual Basic database applications, COM-based components, and ASP-based Web sites. In addition to writing and presenting technical training content, Martin is also LearnNowOnline's vice president of technology.

This blog entry was originally posted April 26, 2013 by Martin Schaeferle