Windows App Store Apps not Equivalent to WPF and Silverlight

By Ken Getz | October 09, 2012


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When working on a recent chapter on brushes and transforms for the Windows Store Apps using C# and XAML course, I was surprised (and dismayed) to find that both the RadialGradientBrush and the OpacityMask are not available for Windows Store apps. These are important and useful features, available in both Silverlight and WPF.

There are effects you simply can't accomplish without these features, apparently omitted in Windows Store apps to support multiple devices. These aren't the only features missing, either: You can find a complete listing of Silverlight/WPF features that didn't make the cut here, in an article on Microsoft's site about porting Silverlight or XAML applications to a Windows Store app.


Don't be surprised--read this list carefully!

Ken Getz

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