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By Martin Schaeferle | October 04, 2012

Learning how to use any new development tool like Visual Studio 2010 can be challenging, and learning a programming language like C# can be as difficult as learning the written word of another culture. Too often, trying to learn by reading through dry, boring manuals and tutorials can just make things more confusing. Especially if you're unfamiliar with some of the technical terms being used, trying to learn development tools and programming languages with text-only tutorials can seem impossibly daunting.

If you're brand new to C# or Visual Studio 2010, sometimes the best way to begin learning is with a video tutorial. For the uninitiated, a visual studio 2010 tutorial video is often a great way to jump-start the learning process. Not only will you gain all of the useful information of a text tutorial, you'll be presented with easy-to-follow visual steps so you can be certain you're on the right track. Video tutorials are also great resources for learning programming languages as well. There are a number of video tutorials for C# as well as html5 tutorials that can help programmers of all skill levels learn new and needed skills. And not only can you find tutorials on specific subjects, but also entire C# video courses to help you learn new skills and brush up on old ones.

Whether you're just starting to learn about Visual Studio 2010 or programming languages like C#, or if you're a seasoned pro, video tutorials can often times be the best and most useful way to learn new skills.



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Martin Schaeferle

Martin Schaeferle has taught IT professionals nationwide to develop applications using Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, and XML. He has been a featured speaker at Microsoft Tech-Ed and the Microsoft NCD Channel Summit, and he specializes in developing Visual Basic database applications, COM-based components, and ASP-based Web sites. In addition to writing and presenting technical training content, Martin is also LearnNowOnline's vice president of technology.

This blog entry was originally posted October 04, 2012 by Martin Schaeferle