See, Learn, Develop

By Martin Schaeferle


Out of the four learning styles that we cover in our online training courses - visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic - this blog will look at visual learning, or learning by seeing.

As a dominant learning style, there's a good chance that many developers looking to further their training and education are visual learners. Hence, they should look to visual learning methods when going about learning a new development technology.

Due to its visual makeup, online learning courses and tutorials are extremely well suited to the visual learner. From simple graphics to animated graphics, rollovers and videos, the visuals used in online learning courses help emphasize important pieces of information.

The process of integrating images into instructional strategies can benefit all developer students, including those who might not otherwise be classified as visual learners. For example, images aid in retention by delivering new information to students through both verbal and visual communication.

Images that reference previous material can also aid comprehension by linking a new concept to one already mastered. Diagrams and graphs can help individuals to understand mathematical data and statistics. Images can also help to reveal previously unrealized relationships or patterns within data sets.

The online video courses at LearnNowOnline, completely visual in their makeup, are a great learning tool for the developer that learns by seeing!

In the following video, you can see many aspects of visual learning! This snippet is part of our course on "ASP.NET Using Knockout.js: Getting Started and Observables."

Food for thought:

  • Are you a visual learner?
  • Do you use tools to help you learn efficiently and effectively?

Martin Schaeferle

Martin Schaeferle has taught IT professionals nationwide to develop applications using Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, and XML. He has been a featured speaker at Microsoft Tech-Ed and the Microsoft NCD Channel Summit, and he specializes in developing Visual Basic database applications, COM-based components, and ASP-based Web sites. In addition to writing and presenting technical training content, Martin is also LearnNowOnline's vice president of technology.

This blog entry was originally posted August 22, 2012 by Martin Schaeferle