Developers - Do you learn by doing?

By Martin Schaeferle | July 26, 2012


As mentioned in my last blog, there are four learning styles that we cover in our online courses. These styles were identified as:

  • Visual
  • Aural
  • Read/Write
  • Kinesthetic

Today, I'd like to take a deep dive into Kinesthetic learning, which as identified in studies is used - to some degree - by the largest share of learners.

If your dominant style of learning is kinesthetic, what impact does this have on you?

As a kinesthetic learner, you learn by're a physical learner, a tactile learner or a "hands on" learner.

What type of education works best for you, Classroom or Online?

Kinesthetic learners often struggle within the traditional classroom. When confined to a desk and expected to learn visually or by listening to instruction, kinesthetic learners are deprived of the direct physical involvement needed to support their learning. As a result, many kinesthetic learners will struggle to concentrate.

They will be easily distracted and will look for reasons to leave their seats. Fortunately, an online learning environment is much more accommodating to the kinesthetic learner. Online training courses allow the learner to click the mouse and move things around. Hands on labs also work well for kinesthetic learners - it's how the physical translates to the online. It helps some learners to write things down as part of the kinesthetic and visual aspects.

In our courses, a learner uses many senses. They can:

  • Watch our video demonstrations
  • Follow the expert trainer using sample code
  • Actually build the code by utilizing the hands on labs
In the following video, you can see many aspects of kinesthetic learning! This snippet is part of our course on "iPhone/iPad Development using Objective-C". To strengthen the kinesthetic learning experience, a learner should use sample code to follow along with the author. The learner should also use the hands on labs. Food for thought:
  • Are you a kinesthetic learner?
  • Do you use tools to help you learn efficiently and effectively?

Martin Schaeferle

Martin Schaeferle has taught IT professionals nationwide to develop applications using Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, and XML. He has been a featured speaker at Microsoft Tech-Ed and the Microsoft NCD Channel Summit, and he specializes in developing Visual Basic database applications, COM-based components, and ASP-based Web sites. In addition to writing and presenting technical training content, Martin is also LearnNowOnline's vice president of technology.

This blog entry was originally posted July 26, 2012 by Martin Schaeferle