Xamarin Releases MonoTouch 5.2

By Martin Schaeferle

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If you're not using MonoTouch 5.2, the latest version of the company's cross-platform software for building new tablet and phone applications, here's what you're missing. The new version promises faster performance, a greater ease of use and over 300 new enhancements. Many of the new features focus upon memory use and management. The first notable feature is the new MonoTouch memory profiler.

The new memory profiler tracks the usage, growth and referencing of managed objects. SGen, the generational garbage collector, is the new memory management system. SGen identifies free, reachable objects and eliminates those objects not needed to support program usage. The generational garbage collector will improve performance and may reduce memory use. The newest version also includes improved memory diagnostics. Many of the new features grant greater control to developers. The new API MonoTouch.Dialog helps developers to create new dialog boxes and screens.

This API also displays data within easy to use cell tables. MonoTouch 5.2 will now automatically stop and start applications when other programs are running, such as debuggers, without requiring user involvement or confirmation. The new System.Numerics library contains complex numeric data types. These include integers and complex numbers. The new library also supports Memory Mapped IO. Perhaps the most impressive new feature is the device testing framework.

If you create an app and want to make sure that it works prior to release, you can test the app through MonoTouch's new simulator on your device. The tests can be performed manually or automated, according to your preferences. Many of the new features are supported by tutorials to help developers in their early use. The full list of new features, additions and enhancements can be found by visiting the documentation section of Xamarin's website.

What's next for Xamarin? Apple is busy putting the finishing touches on iOS 6 that was announced at Apple's WWDC 2012 back in June and is scheduled to be released some time in the fall. Xamarin is already working on the next release of MonoTouch to include support of these new features.

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This blog entry was originally posted July 17, 2012 by Martin Schaeferle