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PowerPoint 2013, Part 3: Order, Tables, & Animate

with expert John Wiley & Sons

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Release date Release date 3/17/2015
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Runtime Runtime 1h 3m
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Course description

Master PowerPoint 2013 in this four part learning series, now, you can learn the ins and outs of maximizing PowerPoint 2013 – from creating a simple presentation to adding special effects and multimedia to your deck – with PowerPoint 2013. Work with templates, add graphics, and use meaningful transitions. Add sound, animation, video, charts, and more to pack some power into your presentation. Get up to speed on new features in PowerPoint 2013 and understand best practices for creating and sharing your presentation.


This course assumes some familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint. This course is part of 4 courses; PowerPoint 2013: Slide Master and SmartArt; PowerPoint 2013: Charts, Formats and Shapes; PowerPoint 2013: Order, Tables, & Animate; and PowerPoint 2013: A/V and Presenting. Please be sure to view the courses in order if you are new to the material.

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Course outline

Order, Tables, and Animate

Filling Shapes & Ordering Slides (21:01)
  • Introduction (00:10)
  • Filling Shapes (04:37)
  • Gradient Fill (04:54)
  • Ordering & Sectioning Slides (05:05)
  • Creating the First Slide (02:52)
  • Title-Photo Interface (03:12)
  • Summary (00:10)
Exercising Your Skills (21:00)
  • Introduction (00:10)
  • Telling a Story (03:21)
  • Choose a Photo (02:51)
  • Managing a Lot of Text (03:25)
  • Applying SmartArt (02:36)
  • Create a SmartArt Diagram (04:18)
  • Creating a Table (04:06)
  • Summary (00:10)
Tables & Intro to Animation (21:09)
  • Introduction (00:10)
  • Formatting a Table (02:47)
  • Table Tools (03:28)
  • Splitting a Table (03:57)
  • Adjusting Borders & Fill (04:22)
  • Understanding Animation (04:08)
  • Animation Basics (02:05)
  • Summary (00:10)