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Mac OS X Mavericks, Part 5: Music and Images

with expert John Wiley & Sons

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Release date Release date 5/4/2015
Level Level Beginner
Runtime Runtime 1h 5m
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Course description

Master Mac OS X Mavericks in this 6 part learning series, Mac OS X Mavericks is Apple’s desktop operating system for Macintosh computers and is packed with features and capabilities. Explore OS X Mavericks’ features and tour the OS X Mavericks’ screen and setup preferences. Learn OS X Mavericks’ basics like creating an account, running an application, maps, calendar, and working e-mail. Discover OS X Mavericks’ creative capabilities to play and organize music with iTunes, import and edit photos, and create, edit, and share movies with iMovie. Then learn about adding printers, the Automator and Time Machine for backups, plus learn to install a version of Windows and then finally learn how to troubleshoot problems.


This course assumes very little familiarity with Mac OS X Mavericks. This course is part of a 6 course learning series, Mac OS X Mavericks: Introduction; Mac OS X Mavericks: Preferences, Accounts & Applications; Mac OS X Mavericks: Utilities; Mac OS X Mavericks: Safari & Mail; Mac OS X Mavericks: Music & Images; and Mac OS X Mavericks: Printers, Automator & Windows. Please view the courses in the order listed if you are not familiar with the material.

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Course outline

Music & Images

iTunes (30:59)
  • Introduction (00:10)
  • Navigating iTunes (03:28)
  • iTunes Preferences (05:07)
  • Advanced Preferences (02:10)
  • Viewing Options (04:53)
  • Burning CDs (01:44)
  • Importing & Sharing (06:29)
  • iTunes Store (04:00)
  • iTunes Store Continued (02:43)
  • Summary (00:10)
Editing Images (17:49)
  • Introduction (00:10)
  • Images in Preview (05:05)
  • Editing Images (02:46)
  • Screenshots (04:25)
  • QuickTime (05:12)
  • Summary (00:10)
Photo Booth (16:21)
  • Introduction (00:10)
  • Photo Booth (05:26)
  • Image Capture (06:04)
  • Facetime (04:30)
  • Summary (00:10)