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SharePoint 2013, Part 3: Search, Design, and Publishing

with expert Doug Ware

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Release date Release date 2/25/2013
Level Level Beginner
Runtime Runtime 1h 46m
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Course description

There are two service applications that are central to most of the exciting new features in SharePoint 2013: search and managed metadata. We’ll start by looking at what these are all about, how you work with them and how they work together. Next we’ll look at how Design Manager can be used to create a custom master page from a web template. To close out the course we’ll look at how search driven publishing decouples navigation and the underlying storage. We’ll also look at improvements for images and videos and talk about metadata based navigation.


A basic understanding of .NET and ASP.NET experience with SharePoint 2007 or 2010 are helpful, but not required. No particular programming experience is needed, but the course is taught from a developer’s perspective.

Meet the expert

Doug Ware Doug Ware is a SharePoint expert and an instructor for many of our SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 courses. A Microsoft MVP several times over, Doug is the leader of the Atlanta .NET User Group, one of the largest user groups in the Southeast U.S., and is a frequent speaker at code camps and other events. In addition to teaching and writing about SharePoint, Doug stays active as a consultant and has helped numerous organizations implement and customize SharePoint.

Course outline

Search, Design and Publishing

Search and MetaData (34:14)
  • Introduction (00:22)
  • Service Applications (01:16)
  • Demo: Service Applications (02:30)
  • Managed Metadata Service (01:51)
  • Demo: Managed Metadata Service (03:24)
  • Demo: Metadata Term Reuse (02:50)
  • Search Service Application (02:34)
  • Demo: Search Service App (04:04)
  • Search Centers (01:15)
  • Demo: Search Centers (03:04)
  • Demo: Enterprise Search Center (03:06)
  • Metadata Columns and Search (01:54)
  • Demo: Metadata Columns (02:45)
  • Demo: Metadata After Crawl (03:01)
  • Summary (00:11)
Design Manager (25:49)
  • Introduction (00:32)
  • Web Content Management (01:10)
  • Design Manager (02:04)
  • Demo: Design Manager (03:28)
  • Demo: Editing Master Pages (05:08)
  • Snippets (00:50)
  • Demo: Fixing Template (01:54)
  • Demo: Snippets (03:37)
  • Page Layouts (01:21)
  • Demo: Page Layouts (03:13)
  • Demo: New Page Layout (02:15)
  • Summary (00:12)
Publishing Content (46:42)
  • Introduction (00:38)
  • Images and Video (01:05)
  • Demo: Embedding Video (01:36)
  • Search-Driven Publishing (01:14)
  • Catalogs (00:52)
  • Demo: Catalog (04:50)
  • Image Renditions (01:22)
  • Demo: Image Renditions (03:27)
  • Demo: Using Image Renditions (04:36)
  • Navigation (13:53)
  • Demo: Navigation (02:48)
  • Cross-Site Publishing (01:05)
  • Demo: Cross-Site Publishing (03:48)
  • Content Search Web Part (00:48)
  • Demo: Content Search Web Part (04:17)
  • Summary (00:16)