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Project Management, Part 2: Planning a Project

with expert Sandy Haydon

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Release date Release date 11/5/2013
Level Level Beginner
Runtime Runtime 1h 9m
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Course description

The course is based on PMI’s PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition which has been available since January, 2013. PMBOK is an abbreviation for Project Management Body of Knowledge. It is the globally recognized standard and guide for the pm profession. It provides guidelines for managing individual projects and defines pm related concepts. It describes both the project and the pm life cycles, and their related processes. In this course you will start the planning phase of the project development. This lesson will take you through the different processes used to properly plan the management of the project as a whole, establish the scope of the project, and how to create a work breakdown structure to meet the needs of the project. These processes can be used in many ways to plan specific parts of the overall project once the project authorization has been obtained. Documenting a detailed pm plan is essential to the success of your project. It will be referred to and updated throughout the project’s life cycle. With a good pm plan, you will be able to react quickly and seamlessly to any issues, changes, or modifications needed during the course of your project.


This course is designed for users preparing for the project management certification. It is recommended before taking the certification that you also use the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide, Fifth Edition to study with. You should have already viewed "Project Management: Getting Started" before starting this course.

Learning Paths

This course will help you prepare for the following certification and exam:
Project Management Professional
PMP: Project Management Professional

Meet the expert

Sandy Haydon Sandy Haydon is a certified project manager in software development and a project management instructor. She has 40 years of experience with IBM as a software developer, manager, and project manager responsible for leading teams located worldwide. Sandy holds a BA in Mathematics and an MA in Management and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and an IBM Senior Certified Project Manager.

Course outline

Planning a Project

Project Management Plan (09:41)
  • Introduction (01:11)
  • Project Management Plan (01:05)
  • Project Plan Components (02:05)
  • Develop a Project Plan Process (01:23)
  • Develop a Project Plan Tools (01:18)
  • Develop a Project Plan Output (00:27)
  • Project Management Plan Guides (01:47)
  • Summary (00:22)
Scope Management (09:06)
  • Introduction (00:34)
  • What is Scope Management Plan (02:00)
  • Requirements Management Plan (01:49)
  • Plan Scope Management Process (02:09)
  • Plan Scope Tools &Techniques (00:30)
  • Plan Scope Management Outputs (00:25)
  • Scope Management Plan Guides (01:16)
  • Summary (00:19)
Project Requirements (23:20)
  • Introduction (00:38)
  • Project Requirements (00:39)
  • Requirements Documentation (01:55)
  • Requirements Classifications (01:29)
  • Traceability Matrix (01:47)
  • Collect Requirements Process (00:47)
  • Collect Requirements Inputs (01:08)
  • Tools & Techniques (00:17)
  • Interviews (00:42)
  • Focus Groups (00:41)
  • Facilitated Workshops (01:03)
  • Group Creativity Techniques (01:17)
  • Group Decision Techniques (01:32)
  • Questionnaires and Surveys (00:44)
  • Observations (00:41)
  • Prototypes (01:02)
  • Benchmarking (00:25)
  • Context Diagrams (00:33)
  • Document Analysis (00:29)
  • Collect Requirements Outputs (00:26)
  • Project Requirements Guideline (01:23)
  • Requirements Document Template (00:20)
  • Traceability Matrix Template (00:29)
  • Traceability Matrix Example (02:16)
  • Summary (00:23)
Project Scope (12:22)
  • Introduction (00:34)
  • Project Scope (00:32)
  • The Project Scope Statement (02:37)
  • The Define Scope Process (00:24)
  • Define Scope Inputs (00:53)
  • Define Scope Tools & Technique (01:11)
  • Product Analysis (00:45)
  • Alternatives Generation (01:00)
  • Define Scope Outputs (00:32)
  • Developing a Project Scope (01:10)
  • Project Scope Template (00:25)
  • Project Scope Example (01:50)
  • Summary (00:23)
What is a WBS (15:07)
  • Introduction (00:34)
  • What is a WBS (00:51)
  • Create a WBS (02:50)
  • Control Accounts (00:40)
  • Control Values (00:44)
  • The Create WBS Process (00:46)
  • Create WBS Inputs (01:46)
  • Create WBS Tools & Techniques (00:32)
  • Decomposition (02:03)
  • Create WBS Outputs (00:38)
  • Scope Baseline (01:16)
  • Guidelines to Create a WBS (01:58)
  • Summary (00:22)