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Word 2013, Part 3: Tables and Objects

with expert Leeanne McManus

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Release date Release date 1/13/2017
Level Level Intermediate
Runtime Runtime 1h 51m
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Course description

This course will focus on the use of tables, which are vital if underused tools for adding structure to your Word documents. Instructor LeeAnne McManus will demonstrate the full array of tools used to insert and modify tables and also look at the ready-made graphics and objects available for users of Word.


This course assumes that students are familiar with the basic use of Windows and common use of the mouse and keyboard. No prior experience with Word is assumed.

Meet the expert

Leeanne McManus Leeanne is a nationally renowned trainer, facilitator, and productivity expert. For the past decade, she has trained, facilitated, and conducted thousands of sessions, helping clients to achieve their maximum potential. While being most well-known for helping end-users, departments, and organizations learn how to maximize their software products such as Office 365 and Adobe, Leeanne also facilitates sessions to enhance productivity and performance through soft skills. Leeanne consults clients on team building, leadership, succession planning, and more and utilizes a science-driven battery of assessments to help identify the uniqueness, skills, competencies, behavior, and drivers for each person. Leeanne's background includes Human Resources, Operations, and Talent and Development.

Course outline

Tables and Illustrations

Inserting Tables (16:36)
  • Introduction (00:12)
  • What Is a Table? (01:57)
  • Inserting a Table (01:38)
  • Explore Quick Tables (00:31)
  • Demo: Insert a Table (04:16)
  • Demo: Embed Excel Sheet (05:32)
  • Demo: Quick Tables (02:18)
  • Summary (00:08)
Modifying Tables (26:55)
  • Introduction (00:16)
  • Populating and Modifying Tables (01:46)
  • Contextual Tabs (03:28)
  • Convert Text to Table (01:04)
  • Demo: Table Styles (05:43)
  • Demo: More Table Design (02:29)
  • Demo: Table Layout (02:42)
  • Demo: Understanding Tables (03:32)
  • Demo: Text to Table (05:36)
  • Summary (00:15)
Inserting Illustrations (32:17)
  • Introduction (00:16)
  • Adding Images and Screen Shots (01:47)
  • Picture Tools, Format Tab (01:29)
  • Adding Other Illustrations (01:40)
  • Demo: Replace Image (04:51)
  • Demo: Moving a Picture (05:24)
  • Demo: Picture Tools (05:15)
  • Demo: Smart Art (06:13)
  • Demo: Charts and Screenshots (05:08)
  • Summary (00:08)
Inserting Other Objects (35:53)
  • Introduction (00:14)
  • Showing Gridlines and the Ruler (00:33)
  • Inserting Special Characters (00:51)
  • Headers and Footers (00:49)
  • Inserting Online Video (00:33)
  • Inserting Pages (00:39)
  • Inserting a Text Box (00:36)
  • Managing Same Type Objects (01:10)
  • Demo: Gridines and Ruler (04:49)
  • Demo: Format Text Boxes (04:14)
  • Demo: Layering (02:57)
  • Demo: Cover Page (03:02)
  • Demo: Insert Video (04:13)
  • Demo: Header and Footer (05:40)
  • Demo: Special Characters (05:09)
  • Summary (00:15)