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CASP, Part 7: Risk Management

with expert David Bigger

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Release date Release date 3/10/2017
Level Level Beginner
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Course description

Are you worried something may happen to your network or your data? Explore the intricacies of risk determination and risk assessment associated with being a CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner as well as the mitigation strategies used to solve potential problems, such as accepting or transferring risk. Also, take a look at business continuity plans, including BCP, DRP, and BIA, that can be executed if things get bad.


This course assumes that the student has familiarity with information technology and basic networking. The student should also be familiar with basic security concepts, whether through the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Parts 1-6 or outside study. No scripting or “hacking” experience is required.

Meet the expert

David Bigger David Bigger is the lead trainer at Bigger IT Solutions. He has been information technology for a little over 20 years and has been training all over the US. He has worked with companies like US Military, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Dominos Pizza, University of Utah and Expedia

Course outline

Risk Management

Risk Determination (23:05)
  • Introduction (00:25)
  • Risk Management (07:49)
  • Risk Determination (01:11)
  • Risk Analysis (01:38)
  • Qualitative Analysis (06:54)
  • Quantitative Analysis (01:24)
  • SLE (01:41)
  • ALE (01:41)
  • Summary (00:19)
Mitigation Strategy (14:17)
  • Introduction (00:29)
  • Handling the Risk (02:11)
  • Controls (05:10)
  • Mitigating Risk (01:43)
  • Avoid Risk (01:33)
  • Transfer Risk (01:32)
  • Accepting the Risk (01:15)
  • Summary (00:22)
BCP, DRP, and BIA (21:00)
  • Introduction (00:28)
  • BCP vs. DRP vs. BIA (00:56)
  • BCP (05:43)
  • BCP Testing (02:50)
  • DRP (04:35)
  • BIA (02:58)
  • BIA Diagram (03:05)
  • Summary (00:23)