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Windows Azure 2012, Part 7: Mobile Service and ACS

with expert Mike Benkovich

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Release date Release date 4/29/2013
Level Level Advanced
Runtime Runtime 2h 12m
Platform Platform Major browsers on Windows Major browsers on Windows Major browsers on Mac OSX Major browsers on Mac OSX Mobile Devices Mobile Devices
Closed captioning Closed captioning N/A
Transcript Transcript N/A
eBooks / courseware eBooks / courseware N/A
Hands-on labs Hands-on labs N/A
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Course description

Today's users don't live on just a workstation or a laptop. With the proliferation of laptops, smart phones, and tablets people work from a variety of forms and clients. Mobile Services is a new compute service available in Windows Azure, and it makes it very easy to work with data and identity to give your customers a consistent experience across all their devices. So we will look at the patterns for building connected applications and what Mobile Services has to offer. Establishing identity for your applications is a problem that developers have had to deal with since computers have been around. Historically we have had to depend on user names and passwords to identify who is using our apps, and with creating passwords for each application means that you have to also support managing them too. Because of this we will look at how Access Control Services provides services for managing that identity conversation for us, and simplifies how we can use this service in our apps.


The students should be familiar with web interfaces, SQL, SQL Management Studio, and Visual Studio.

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70-487 Developing Windows Azure and Web Services

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MCSD: Web Applications

Meet the expert

Mike Benkovich Mike Benkovich delivers technical presentations around the U.S. as a consultant, trainer and former Developer Evangelist for Microsoft. He has worked in a variety of professional roles, including architect, project manager, developer, and technical writer. Mike is also an author of two books, published by WROX Press and APress, that show developers how to get the most from their SQL databases. Since appearing in the 1994 Microsoft DevCast, Mike has presented technical information at seminars, conferences, and corporate boardrooms across America.

Course outline

Mobile Patterns and Services

Mobile Patterns (16:35)
  • Introduction (00:20)
  • Why Mobile Services (01:06)
  • Where Does It Run (01:09)
  • Connected Patterns (00:23)
  • Demo: REST Pattern (03:22)
  • Demo: Async (02:51)
  • Demo: REST Pattern with Async (03:00)
  • Demo: Publishing to Azure (04:10)
  • Summary (00:09)
Mobile Services (20:41)
  • Introduction (00:27)
  • Scenarios (01:08)
  • Mobile Services (02:22)
  • Getting Started (01:53)
  • Demo: Getting Started (03:39)
  • Demo: Create Application (03:37)
  • Demo: Android Application (04:48)
  • Demo: HTML Application (02:27)
  • Summary (00:16)
Working With Data (14:46)
  • Introduction (00:29)
  • Instantiate Mobile Services (00:54)
  • Storage (00:54)
  • Working with SQL (00:54)
  • Demo: Connect to App (02:02)
  • Demo: Data Class (01:04)
  • Demo: Design Main Page (02:36)
  • Demo: Instance of Prize Data (01:45)
  • Demo: Creating a Table (03:49)
  • Summary (00:15)
Working With Identity (22:30)
  • Introduction (00:35)
  • Identity (02:16)
  • Code to Trigger Authentication (00:37)
  • Demo: Identity (01:18)
  • Demo: Adding Identity to Client (02:57)
  • Demo: Creating the Table (06:39)
  • Demo: Elaborate Login (01:59)
  • Demo: Scaling an Application (03:17)
  • Server Logic (00:26)
  • Diagnostics, Logging, Scale (00:53)
  • Pricing (01:13)
  • Summary (00:15)

Access Control Service

What is ACS Control (25:31)
  • Introduction (00:21)
  • Objectives (02:46)
  • Identity in the Cloud (01:23)
  • Definitions (03:12)
  • Access Control (01:00)
  • AC Website Sequence (02:36)
  • Access Control Features (01:35)
  • Configuring ACS (01:51)
  • Demo: Create a Namespace (02:20)
  • Demo: Create an Access Control (02:14)
  • Demo: Relying Party Application (02:47)
  • Demo: AC Rule Groups (03:12)
  • Summary (00:07)
ACS and the Web (17:36)
  • Introduction (00:23)
  • Adding Identity to Web App (02:01)
  • Demo: Application Integration (01:27)
  • Demo: Identity and Access (02:07)
  • Demo: ACS and Web.Config (03:52)
  • Demo: Adding Your Own Chrome (04:38)
  • Demo: Rules with ACS (02:39)
  • Summary (00:24)
ACS and Providers (14:48)
  • Introduction (00:36)
  • Integrate with Other Providers (01:13)
  • Demo: SQL Scripts (03:06)
  • Demo: ACS and Provider Models (03:43)
  • Demo: Save a Profile (03:48)
  • Demo: Checking the Error (02:05)
  • Summary (00:14)