Getting Started with AngularJS

with expert John Culviner

In this session, we'll cover why AngularJS is quickly becoming one of the most popular frameworks to build rich web applications using HTML and JavaScript, touching on why it is such a robust framework for building out web applications big and small. We'll compare it to the competition like Knockout, Backbone, Ember and jQuery, drawing on my personal experiences with each of them. We'll then create a simple “hello world” web application, visually explaining core AngularJS topics along the way. Finally, we'll take a look at AngularAgility, a powerful drop-in open-source plugin I created which makes common tasks like client-side form field generation, validation messages, dirty tracking, and on-navigate away handling a breeze.

This webinar was originally recorded on July 09, 2014.


John Culviner

John Culviner is an Independent Software Consultant specializing in JavaScript and .NET. He works extensively with AngularJS and .NET and is a JavaScript single page application guru. John enjoys diving into new technology and finding ways to push the limits of the web. He is an author of the open source library AngularAgility and enjoys sharing his development experiences as a speaker, instructor, and blogger.

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