Introduction to Visual Studio LightSwitch

with expert Robert Green

The aim of LightSwitch is to make it easier to build business applications. Based on Silverlight and well proven architecture patterns, LightSwitch writes your plumbing code for you and lets you focus on the data, business rules and user interface. In this session, we'll explore Beta 1 of this exciting new developer tool. We'll build a simple application and explore LightSwitch's capabilities. And we'll start answering the question foremost on everyone's minds. How and when should I use it?

This webinar was originally recorded on November 10, 2010.

LightSwitchVisual Studio

Robert Green

Robert Green is a Visual Studio expert and a featured instructor for several of our Visual Basic and Visual C# courses. He is currently a Technical Evangelist in the Developer Platform and Evangelism (DPE) group at Microsoft. He has also worked for Microsoft on the Developer Tools marketing team and as Community Lead on the Visual Basic team. Robert has several years of consulting experience focused on developer training and is a frequent speaker at technology conferences including TechEd, VSLive, VSConnections, and Advisor Live.

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