Is Your Website Really Secure?

with expert Robert Hurlbut

The OWASP consortium spent most of 2017 re-evaluating the OWASP Top 10 list to insure the top internet threats are still relevant today. After much debating, the group released the new list which includes new threats. Don’t become a casualty because you and your development team are not aware of these new vulnerabilities. Security expert Robert Hurlbut will run through these new entries into the Top 10 as well as demonstrate how one of these threats operates. Sign up today!

This webinar was originally recorded on July 18, 2018.


Robert Hurlbut

Robert Hurlbut is a software security architect and trainer. He is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Security / Visual Studio and Development Technologies and he holds the (ISC)2 CSSLP security certification. Robert has 30 years of industry experience in secure coding, software architecture, and software development and has served as a project manager, director of software development, chief software architect, and application security champion for several companies. He speaks at user groups, national and international conferences, and provides training for many clients.

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