Java 8 Features Demystified

with expert Kevin McManus

Not since Java 5's introduction of Generics and the Collections API has a Java release been so highly anticipated. Join us to learn about some new and powerful features of the Java SE 8 platform. Chief among the new features are Lambda expressions allowing Java developers to take advantage of today's multicore processors. The new Stream class enhances the Collections API by providing a mechanism to implement parallel processing of data using multicore processors. We'll walk through examples that will demystify new syntax, and you'll learn about backward compatibility.

This webinar was originally recorded on October 26, 2016.


Kevin McManus

Kevin has 26 years of experience in the IT industry spanning Systems Administration, Software Development, Software Engineering Management, and Technical Training. He is certified through the Scrum Alliance as a ScrumMaster (CSM), Product Owner (CSPO), Developer (CSD), and Professional (CSP); Java Certified Programmer; and Microsoft Certified Trainer. His passion is melding the capabilities of technology with the creativity and ingenuity of highly talented people. He is an agile evangelist and takes a pragmatic and common sense approach to helping organizations be agile.

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