AngularJS, Part 1 of 2: Getting Started

with expert John Culviner

In this course we’ll learn about what AngularJS is and what it brings to the table. Then you will see why it is such a robust framework for building out web applications big and small comparing it to other competing frameworks. Finally we’ll draw on my personal experiences with it and competitors to filter out the buzz and help you make the best choice when choosing a new client side application framework. Next we’ll start out learning the basics of AngularJS with a very simple ‘hello world’ type example. Then you’ll see how the simple example is working under the covers, discussing scope and directives. After this we’ll add additional complexity to the application that requires a controller and you’ll see what is happening there as well. In an effort to further improve the user experience of our application we’ll discuss and use filters for better UX and ng-form for validation.

Intermediate | 1h 26m | June 02, 2014

Web DevelopmentJavaScriptWeb FrameworksAngularJS

Course Outline

John Culviner

John Culviner is an Independent Software Consultant specializing in JavaScript and .NET. He works extensively with AngularJS and .NET and is a JavaScript single page application guru. John enjoys diving into new technology and finding ways to push the limits of the web. He is an author of the open source library AngularAgility and enjoys sharing his development experiences as a speaker, instructor, and blogger.

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