WCF 2012, Part 3 of 3: Securing and Deploying

with Joe Mayo

In this course, you will learn about Security and Deployment. When learning about security, you will work with Transfer modes, such as Transport and Message. You will learn how to perform authentication and authorization. You will also learn how to configure auditing and handle exceptions via faults. When deploying, you will need to determine the lifetime of a service, which can be singleton, per session, or per call. Messaging patterns specify the interaction between your service and a client and you will learn how to define one-way, duplex, and publish/subscribe patters. There is even a section on how to configure Web Sockets. The section on Azure shows you how to use the Service Bus Relay, secured through Access Control Services (ACS). You will also learn how to deploy a WCF service as a WebRole in a Cloud Service.

Course Outline