SQL 2014 Admin, Part 2 of 5: Automating, Management, and Config

with Chris Bell

For this course you see various methods to automate processes in SQL Server. You will go through configuring Database Mail so that you, as the DBA, can receive automated alerts from the server when something goes wrong. You will see how to set up Operators to receive general alerts, custom alerts and then create, based on performance conditions, queries that run for long periods of time. You’ll review the DBCC commands that are critical to ensuring database integrity and providing valuable insight into what’s going on inside the SQL Server system. Then you will see how to take advantage of the AlwaysOn Availability Group ability to offload some maintenance tasks from our primary servers to secondary servers. Next you are going to see File Groups and show how you can use them to manage our data files and potentially improve the performance of queries and requests to SQL databases. Next you will see how to create a new SQL Contained database and move it to a new server showing you just how easy it is to relocate databases using this feature. You will finish up by going over a large number of configuration options available to us in SQL Server. You will see general and advanced settings and detail how each affects SQL Server.

Course Outline