SQL 2012 Admin, Part 4 of 5: Server Optimization

with Chris Bell

In this course we are going to go through a few topics covering some basic optimizing and troubleshooting in SQL 2012. We will discuss Trace flags which are used to alter the behavior of SQL Server. Sometimes this is useful, sometimes it is dangerous and sometimes it is just bizarre what they do. We will review the use of trace flags to capture deadlock information so we can more efficiently troubleshoot the cause. Then we will look into blocks, a common issue in SQL server and go over how to determine which process is blocking others and how to resolve it. Next we will then go through a series of DMVs that are quite useful in optimizing and troubleshooting SQL Server. I even share some DMV based queries I use all the time to check indexes fragmentation and usage along with a query to identify the most expensive queries in your database.

Course Outline