SharePoint 2013 Developer, Part 11 of 15: Sandbox and Definitions

with expert Tim McCarthy

When SharePoint 2013 was first released many people were saying that Sandbox solutions were deprecated. This was not really true, the only thing about Sandbox solutions that was deprecated was custom code. All declarative items such as feature elements will still be fully supported going forward. Sandbox solutions are excellent for deploying declarative elements to site collections, and the best part of all is that you do not have to touch the server, which means you do not need to get a network operations person involved to deploy your functionality. In this course, you will be armed with the knowledge to know how to create and deploy Sandbox solutions that provision items to your sites and site collections declaratively. Next you will see how SharePoint uses features to define and activate individual site elements, and you can combine many features to create complex functionality. With the WebTemplate element that was introduced in SharePoint 2010, you can define sites without using a site definition. We will go over these concepts so that you will have the basic knowledge to know how and when to use each method of defining sites and what the preferred method is going forward.

Advanced | 1h 57m | March 20, 2014

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Tim McCarthy

Tim McCarthy is a senior solutions architect with Perficient who designs and builds highly scalable, layered web, desktop, and mobile applications utilizing the latest Microsoft platforms and technologies.

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