Microsoft Project Web App, Part 2: Maintaining Project Data

with expert Steve Caseley

Welcome to the Project Online Project Web App Fundamentals course. This course is focused on using PWA be an effective team member and how you can keep the project details up-to-date. Project Center is the starting point for maintain project data as it effectively serves as the menu system listing all projects in your organization. Once you select a specific project from Project Center you drill into the details of that project. Complete details on each project are maintained in Project Online and can be viewed by you as a team member so that you are always be aware of the big picture for each project you are working on. But more importantly, a SharePoint project site is also associated with each project and it is in the project site that you will work collaboratively with all other team members to store project documents, maintain risks and issues or potentially participate in project conversations. And finally, on a weekly basis, every Friday afternoon, you will use PWA to create and submit your weekly project time sheet. The time sheet will be pre-populated with all your weekly task assignments, so all you need to do is record the actual hours worked for each task, adjust the remaining effort (if required) and submit your weekly project status update to your project managers. While outside the scope of this module, the Project Managers will use these weekly status updates to update the overall project schedule and take appropriate corrective actions to keep the project on schedule.

Beginner | 1h 7m | December 13, 2017

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Steve Caseley

Steve has been involved in the Information Technology Industry for over 35 years and is experienced in the management and control of all aspects of technology projects.&nbsp; Steve has successfully delivered a myriad projects in a large number of industry segments.&nbsp; He has developed a solid understanding of the issues and principles required to successfully implement solutions using a combination of rapid development techniques and traditional Project Management to ensure projects are delivered on time while still ensuring end user satisfaction.&nbsp; Steve has lectured part-time at local universities teaching courses in Project Management, Information Systems and Systems Analysis at both graduate and under-graduate levels. <br />

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